A Blog About Everything and Nothing


“Go maximalist with it,” was the advice from my friend Matty when I was trying to decide what to blog about. Just write about everything. This advice runs counter to every article I have read about starting a blog. They all said I needed to find a niche, a focus, a specialty to blog about in order to make it relevant. To make it something that people would want to read. My problem is that’s not me. My problem is I am not an expert in anything. Good at a thing or two maybe, but hardly and expert worthy of providing insight and advice to others.

I’ve always had an eclectic set of interests. Life has so much to offer when you open yourself up to all of it. Chief among my interests is the unfolding of story in all of its forms. It truly is a passion for me, and in fact I am an aspiring author. My love of all things creative will certainly have a prominent place here. But I don’t want to limit it, not in its infancy. Not until I learn more about what I want out of this experience. And what entertains you as the reader.

I am calling this blog Typos of Life because my life has been a combination of unique experiences, unexpected successes and predictable failures. And at 38 years old I am still figuring it all out. I never bought in on the concept of the cookie cutter lifestyle. I know those that have, and some of them even seem happy. It would drive me absolutely insane. I don’t mind the failures, I don’t mind the stories in my life where my friends say: “You know this shit only happens to you, right?” My biggest fear is an ordinary life. Chuck Palahniuk once said: “I don’t want to die without any scars.” I feel the same way.

Although I’m not limiting the focus of the site, I can tell you a few things certain to be included. As I have mentioned, creative content, in all of its forms is a driving passion of mine. I will be writing reviews of some of the content I consume and my thoughts on creativity in general. I also plan to subject you to some of my own fiction as a way of getting it out there. I love exploring my city and plan to write about my experiences with all the wonderful things that Kansas City has to offer. I am also an avid runner and my journey back to an ultramarathon will be part of this experience.

I can also tell something this blog won’t be about. It is not going to be about hate and negativity. There is too much of that in the world at the moment, and I want no part of it. So despite the fact that I am a life-long liberal who spent over a decade as a political consultant, political discussions will be kept to a minimum.

I don’t expect to be good at this, at least not at first. But I am certain to get better as time goes on. And I am happy to have you along for the journey.


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